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Arrrr! What's that, landlubber? Got sea sickness?

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Ahoy there, mateys! We're sailin' today.

Seawolf (14 maps for the Third Encounter by Jon Wigand) begins with an interesting premise. You have just broken into a secret German compound. Your mission: intercept and destroy a submarine. It's not just your ordinary U-Boot though; the experimental technology allows for completely undetectable missile launchers. Imagine what would happen if the Nazis develop the atom bomb and the submarine brings its nuclear payload to the shores of United States, for example... Right. You better stop them. Along the way, you will meet some old friends like Otto or Wilhelm. And as a bonus, after sinking the U-Boot you get to explore Hitler's secret sub pen and kill the man himself! Isn't that great?

Seawolf is interesting. Jon Wigand isn't a bad mapper, but the scenario certainly isn't flawless. Let's star with the good stuff: there's some fun level designs over here, especially the U-Boot maps which are shaped like a real submarine (well, roughly). But be careful: once you reach said floors, the kid's gloves are off and you will learn the true meaning of the word "throng". So many officers. Concerning new assets, we have two new enemies, a few decorative sprites and numerous new wall textures. While the walls all look good, Jon makes rather peculiar use of them, often using only a single texture for multiple maps in a row, so you're likely to get sick of seeing it eventually. Still, if you can stand the texture-inflicted monotony and wear down enemy hordes, you should have some fun in this one.

Seawolf also has a demo with just three maps and fewer new graphics. It's included here for completeness' sake, as usual.

Jon Wigand.

seawolf 1

seawolf 3

seawolf 2

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Download demo

Seawolf Demo

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