Humanity is coming to an end. An abyssal monster has awakened, determined to enslave the world. But that was without counting on the ingenuity of Friedrich F., a genius Chronomancer, who, with the help of his time machine, forms a top team of the greatest heroes of the past!


- Compose your team of 4 heroes from the 20 available characters

- Create your own timeline with a multitude of random events

- Face your opponents in an original turn-based combat system

- Strengthen your heroes before facing the ultimate threat

Form a group of heroes

For each new game, build your team of 4 legendary heroes from the 20 available. Tank, Brawler, Support or Specialist, each hero has a set of 6 skills and 5 passives to unlock.

Create your Timeline

To maximize your chances of defeating the threat, create a Timeline of events. The resources you've gathered in your previous attempts will help you optimize your Timeline: treasures, merchants, multiple-choice dialogues... all the events you come across should help you become stronger!

Original turn-based combat

Character position is directly linked to initiative order. After an action, the hero gives up his place to the next one, resulting in a rotation of the team. This mechanism is also applied to monsters, allowing you to develop a strategy of anticipation.

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Launch of the Kickstarter


Break the Loop takes things to the next level. After completing the Eldritch biome and the Zombie biome, we've opened a Kickstarter to unlock the final Aliens biome! We're already 25% of the way through the first stage and we need one last push to get there!

Page Kickstarter


A demo is available, so don't hesitate to try it out to see if it's worth your while.




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Demo BTL

Demo BTL


Break the Loop is a turn-based Roguelite RPG. Compose your team and create a timeline by selecting the events you'll go through. Each decision will bring...

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