Broad Sword: All Out Fantasy Warfare gives you a battlefield level view of a large fantasy battle. Command formations of units as you secure objectives, slay your foes and secure victory! Combat is class based with different weapons and loadouts leading to different playstyles and battlefield roles. Will you command a group of spearmen to hold a battle line, wield large great swords to break through defenses, or rain arrows upon your enemies? With capturable spawn points and objectives you can dictate which allies spawn in to aid you.


- Class based fantasy combat

- Employ formation tactics as you command formations of troops in pitched battles

- PVP and PVE elements with both single and local multiplayer

- Objective based gameplay with control over types of minions spawned and objectives targeted

- Cell-shaded art style

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Broadsword Tutorial Devlog


Wishlist on Steam:

Broad Sword Alpha Demo

​Hi everyone,

A lot of development has gone on since the last update, and with the release of the tutorial build I figured now is a good time to provide a devlog update. Since the last update the following features have been added:

  • 2 more VS maps for a current total of 3.
  • A tutorial mode has been added to explain core game concepts.
  • Expanded to 5 total fantasy races including Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, and Undead, each with different stats. Unique troop types are on the roadmap.
  • Units now passively heal out of combat.
  • I've started to build an options menu which currently includes a volume mixer.
  • General polish tweaks.


The new tutorial area features the very beginning of the narrative story and will lead directly into the narrative campaign. You take the role of a human militia captain being trained by the Elven military. You will learn how unit formations work and how to control Spawn and Objective Points. I'm looking forward to seeing how players react and updating accordingly.

VS Maps:

Courtyard Clash

The original map from the tech demo of the game. It features an enclosed courtyard with a central row of 3 objective points.


An ancient temple built before the founding of the Elven Empire. This map features large ramps and elevated causeways up to a central cluster of 3 objective points. If you prefer king of the hill style gameplay this is the map for you. Just don't let your opponent surround you by capturing the surrounding spawn points.


A small village from the opening of the upcoming campaign. Both teams need to push into the village to fight over the 2 objectives within. You'll have to wait till the campaign to see the fate of this village.


As the game enters wider playtesting things are subject to change but each faction has had its stat lines adjusted to allow for unique tactics. They currently share the base 5 troop types of Swordsmen, Bowmen, Great Swordsmen, Skirmishers, and Pikemen, with either light, medium, or heavy armor, but unique unit types are part of the development roadmap.

Humans: Well rounded and serve as a general baseline for the other factions.

Elves: Faster base movement speed and slightly better armor at the cost of less soldiers per unit. Heavy units have the maneuverability of medium units of the other factions.

Dwarves: Slower base speed and reduced formation size in exchange for a larger health pool and much higher armor.

Orcs: Lower armor with a very large health pool as they survive through ruggedness over advanced armor. Good move speed and formation size.

Undead: Light and medium troops are very fragile, but come in large swarms, and the Heavy death knights come in smaller groups, but serve as a tanky anchor. All undead units feature fast health regen due to their dark magic.

Going forward:

I've uploaded this playtest build to steam and will open playtests there once it's approved. As I'm collecting feedback from play testers I'll continue to work on the narrative campaign starting with the 2 missions that will be contained in the final demo and then expand it to the planned 10 mission narrative arc. Part of this development will include adding more unit types and maps along with a new wave survival mode. I've decided to take online multiplayer off of the 1.0 release roadmap in order to get the game released in a reasonable timeframe, but if the demand is there I can add it post release.

Our page is live on Steam!

Our page is live on Steam!


I'm happy to announce that the page for my first Steam game is now live! Make sure to wish list it to receive future updates including when the playable...

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Broad Sword Alpha Demo

Broad Sword Alpha Demo


The playable alpha demo for my upcoming Steam game Broad Sword gives you a battlefield level view of a large fantasy battle. Command formations of units...

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