Business Communications

Survey Audience

The postal and e- surveys seemed to have reached the desired audience – the decision makers for the businesses. This result could be attributed to the large demographic of micro to small businesses and sole traders that we have in the area.

Mediums of Communication Utilised by Businesses

From the correlated and graphed results, it can be determined that businesses most commonly used method of communication within their businesses is primarily e-mail. This medium of communication is followed by phone and face to face communication with customers.

Preferred Means of Communication

From the above depicted graph formed by the results of the survey sample group of 120 participants, the conclusion can be drawn that e- mail is the number one preferred method of communication. The second and third preferred means of communication include both newsletter (either hard copy or via email) followed by Facebook.

Business Facebook Usage

The depicted results below confirm predictions that there is still a high percentage of Albury CBD businesses who have yet to utilise all of the free technology/ marketing mediums available to them. With 21.67% of participants reporting that they don’t have a Facebook page.