The goal for CiNEmatic mod for Quake II RTX game to bring much better RTX visuals(better reflection physical material RTX shaders that consume same amount of resource with the same fps) than original Quake II RTX. For example mod will be based on full "Turic" Q2 model pack with reshaded and prepared for RTX by UHDk1ng. True Gold Shader on Super Machine gun or old school Rail gun :-) Check ot some screenshots and videos. I am going to start with the Weapons for Quake II RTX that will make game look great and maybe later on some other part of the level design. I also released a fantastic CiNEmatic mod for Quake III, so check it out over ModDb. This is a free mod based on a Turic weapon pack for Quake II 3d models reshaded and produced by Artistic Bytes (UHDk1ng) for the QII (eye-candy visuals) fans by the QII fan and CiNEmatic mod is a must for any Quake RTX player for the maximum RTX experience in Quake 2. Requirements: Quake RTX PC game fully functional.Recommended: RTX 4090 and 8K UHD


Hi there, this is UHDk1ng(designer of CiNEmatic Mod for Quake II RTX PC game). This beautiful 3D Shotgun that was designed fully to support Nvidia RTX technology is ready to be shared as first public version 1.10292023. It will be featured in CiNEmatic Mod beside the single 3D weapon integration and I am highly recommend to play Quake II RTX PC game with CiNEmatic Mod. Installation is easy. You unpacked this ZiP archive and have folder BaseQ2 and inside will be models and weapons folders. Place ENtire BaseQ2 folder in your main Quake II RTX installation (Steam is supported). Wait 1 minute - load your Quake II RTX and check if 3D shotgun is CiNEmatic Mod edition. This mod is a freeware and developed by gamer(UHDk1ng) for the gamers, so any Quaker or Gamer can enjoy.

CiNEmatic Mod for Quake II RTX - redesigned 3D RTX Shotgun v1.10292023
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