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"Age of DOOM v1.33" update released! The new classic style Doom campaign released! Also there are lots of other updates!..

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September 1 2021: The first v1.0 release of this mod.

September 19 2021: The v1.1 release of this mod.

August 11 2022: The v1.25 release of this mod.

November 9 2023: The current v1.33 release of this mod.

In this article I will write about the features of the current v1.33 release.


  • GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY: Doomguy, all Doom monsters, Doom textures and Doom objects were integrated to the mod. This mod even uses the famous Brutal Doom mod's some Marine weapon skin sprites and some Marine brutal kill sprites. The gameplay has arcade style like original Doom maps. Kill all enemies, find keys, activate switches and reach the exit. You can change Doomguy's weapon (and weapon sprites) by pressing the related number of the keyboard. The game even has armor and ammo variables. You can follow your armor and ammo counts like the HUD system of original Doom.
  • WEAPONS: You can use "Semi-Rifle", "Shotgun", "Chaingun" and "Rocket Launcher" weapons. Semi-Rifle has unlimited ammos unlike others but it is pretty weak. Shotgun is the most common weapon. Chaingun is stronger against melee enemies. Rocket is effective against enemy swarms but has the most limited ammo sources.


  • INTERFACE: Some interface musics, texts and graphics were updated.

Main Screen

Other Interface


  • TUTORIAL CAMPAIGN: The "Tutorial" campaign has 2 scenarios instead of single scenario after now. The previous "Tutorial Scenario" was updated. And a new "Practice Scenario" was added. Players need to finish the “Tutorial” campaign before starting to “Doom (Classic Style)” campaign. It aims to teach players basic gameplay mechanics and system.


  • Tutorial Scenario: Players will learn gameplay basics in this scenario. It has an open map design with natural eye candy and more hellish areas. It has "Text to Speech" voice support.



  • Practice Scenario: There are 6 practice options. Players can replay each practice option unlimited times to improve his/her gameplay skills.



  • DOOM (CLASSIC STYLE) CAMPAIGN: It is the remake of the original “Knee-Deep in the Dead” episode with 9 maps. You will start with "Hangar" map and continue until finishing "Phobos Anomaly" map. "Military Base" is the secret map. Players can play the secret map after finishing the regular 8 maps. But players also need to find the "secret" to be able to play the secret map.

4 1




  • MUSICS: Players will listen the related map's original music in each map. Also they can make the music on/off when they want.
  • ARCADE STYLE GAMEPLAY: There aren't any cutscenes and storytelling. You need to collect keys and activate switches to reach the exit. You need to kill all monsters to advance to the next area. There is no "Sprint" mechanic. But your unit is faster than all enemies. Fast gameplay against many monsters like in the original Doom. Also you can use Episode 1's power-ups and ammo packs to restore your status.
  • VARIABLE SYSTEM: Your difficulty selection, armor count, Soulsphere situation, ammo counts and secret map lock/unlock situation will be saved for the next map...
  • 3 DIFFICULTY: There are 3 difficulty settings that only change the damage amount of enemies. You can select the difficulty only in the first map like the original Doom's start menu.
  • ENEMIES: All Episode 1 enemies will appear. I also added the Zombie and the Nightmare Imp enemy types to give the campaign more variety. Also if you achieve to unlock the secret map (9) there will be 4 more extra enemy types. In the final map (8) you will fight against 2 Barons.
  • SECRETS: There are 2 secrets in this campaign. If you achieve to obtain the "Soulsphere" in map 1 your maximum hp will be 200 instead of regular 100 during the whole campaign. Also if you achieve to find the "secret" in map 3 you will unlock the "Military Base" map.


  • MISSING CAMPAIGNS: “Doom (Doom 3 style)” and “Spider” campaigns aren't available. I will rerelease 2 missing campaigns again in later future updates. But if you want to play these 2 missing campaigns (v1.25 versions) you can always download v1.25 file of this mod. (Click HERE to download.)
  • OTHER MINOR UPDATES: Some other minor updates were made to polish the game even more. For Examples: All enemies have pain sounds. All projectiles are 100 percent avoidable. Idle Sprites were improved.
  • DOCUMENTATION: After downloading this mod you will encounter with "Age of DOOM Manual v1.33.pdf" file and this is most detailed documentation manual pdf file ever until now.


  • EASY INSTALLATION: After downloading this file you need to read and apply the information of the manual pdf file for an easy and quick installation. Downloading this stand alone mod is enough to install. You don't need to obtain any games to be able to install this mod.
  • SUPPORT: I need your support for the advertisement about this mod to more people. If you announce this mod from your social media account(s) and/or your other available resources you support this mod to reach more people. But this is only a suggestion. Also if many people download and play this mod I can make my future projects easier and quicker due to the interest of the community.

    + Your SUPPORT is quite important to promote this mod to more people. So I suggest you not ignoring the support message...

    + 2023 ModDB Mod of the Year Event: If you vote to this mod in 2023 ModDB Mod of the Year Event period you can promote this mod. So if you really like this mod you can vote to it.


Click HERE to visit my "Age of DOOM" mod page.

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