Edain Unchained is a Submod for the Edain Mod. After a long time of development you can play now Harad in Edain! The submod also includes new maps, a complete rework of Arnor and other features to check out.

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This series of articles will introduce the top features of the upcoming Version: Edain Unchained 3.0.

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Welcome back fellow Edain Unchained Fans!

The last article was only dedicated to Harad. In this articel we would like to introduce you to some visual and conceptual changes from the other factions.

Moria Base:

Next to Harad Misty Mountain is the other “relatively” new faction in Edain which was in need of some graphical improvements. While the two buildable expansions of Gundabad and Goblin Town already look great the Moria Base was always lacking behind a bit, but it is enough of that now!

As Moria once used to be a mighty dwarven realm it was only fitting to take a close look at dwarven architecture and try to incorporate that in the new look of the base. The old dwarven citadel is ruined by treacherous Orcs, Trolls are breed in once cosy dwarven homes and in the Mines that were once lighted by The light of sun and star and moon In shining lamps of crystal hewn Undimmed by cloud or shade of night” Orcs now herd their plundered gold.

Instead of Tower to defend the base the player can upgrade the walls and pillars in the base to have some Orc archers shoot at enemies from the hight.

The world is grey, the mountains old,

The forge's fire is ashen-cold;

No harp is wrung, no hammer falls:

The darkness dwells in Durin's halls

Dwarven Citadel:

As part of the rework of the Moria buildings, we decided to rework the dwarven citadel as well. The dwarves were once a very rich people and known for their building skills. The new citadel represents the highlight of this time. New design elements and numerous decorations make the main building appear even more magnificent.

One of the first changes in Unchained was that we switched "Last Stand" with "Weapon Art of the Dwarves" in the Spellbook. The new main spell represents the skill of the dwarves, not only do equipped units become stronger, but upgrades are also researched more quickly. For this reason, the new citadel now receives a visual upgrade when unlocking the spell.

Dwarven Battle Wagon:

Battlewagon are the dwarves main cavalry unit. To compensate the slowness of the regular units, the dwarves rely on their battlewagon. Like any cavalry, they should be used to flank enemy forces and bring down archers or buildings. They are a more extreme version of regular cavalry. In that they deal more damage but are much more vulnerable (especially to pikes, which destroy them).

However, chariots were often no longer used in the late game because they dont deal as much damage against better units and die immediately against elite/heroic pikemen. While you can upgrade normal cavalry (for example with heavy armor and forged blades), there is no way to make battlewagons stronger. This has an end now! After choosing one of the three basic upgrades, you can research two additional upgrades:
- Heavy Armor: Increased armor against monsters, cavalry, pikemen
- Additional Rams: Increased speed, damage
The prerequisite for the two additional upgrades are the siege plans.

Lumber Mill - System:

Lumber Mills is currently leveling up with the external eco-upgrades. In addition, the buildings only generate ressources as long as there are enough trees nearby. Once all the trees are cut down, the Lumber Mill must be demolished and another eco-building built.

With the new version, Lumber Mills now level passively via the amount of felled trees / produced ressources. Once the building has reached level 3, you can upgrade it directly to another eco-building. This saves the step of having to demolish the Lumber Mill, reoccupy the settlement and build a new building.

Imladris Horse Archers:

With the next version, Imladris will also have access to horse archers. These diversify the gameplay of Imladris and provide an additional effect for the stables at level 2. This means there is a second unit that can be equipped with Gold Tip Arrows. The Horse Archers, like their Rohan equivalent, passively break through heavy armor and, once Advanced Military Studies have been researched, have a second ability, "Arrows of the High Elves", which gives them +25% speed and +15% range and with their Arrows knock down infantry.

That’s it for now :) As always, we hope you like the new features and are looking forward to your feedback!

See you soon,

Your Edain Unchained Team!

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