What happens when you take all of the dialogue and text of Half-Life, its expansions and sequel, run it through several different languages in Google Translate, then translate it back to English? The result is a wacky, distorted, hilarious version of these games we all love. Welcome to Half-Life: Google Translate Edition!

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Surprise! After an overly long development cycle, the long-awaited Half-Life 2: Google Translated Edition has been released!

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At long last… the madness-filled jank-fest has arrived. We are pleased to announce that the official sequel to the oft-quoted and beloved Half-Life: Google Translate Edition is finally available for download! Return to the shoes of the many-named fish scientist Dr. MT Cicero as he struggles against the evil Caesar Brian, witnesses several spontaneous love triangles, and encounters many individuals in desperate need of a massage.

Download the long-awaited sequel here:

Half-Life 2: Google Translate Edition Beta:

Half-Life 2: GTE Beta

For a neat little demo of the experience, I would also recommend this:

Lost Coast: Google Translate Edition

Lost Coast: GTE (Half-Life 2: Death Edge)

Experience the classic Half-Life campaigns in wildly mistranslated glory below:

Half-Life: Google Translate Edition

Half Life: GTE V1.1

Opposing Force: Google Translate Edition

Opposing Force: GTE V1.1

Blue Shift: Google Translate Edition

Blue Shift: GTE V1.0

Decay: Google Translate Edition




HL2 GTE Characters


Q: Wait, doesn't HL2: GTE already have its own mod page?

A: Yes, it does. However, the old project leader, Gyarik, had to drop from the project due to life stuff, and only he has access to that mod page. This is also why this build of the mod does not have faceposing, since that was primarily his responsibility. On that topic - if anyone in the community would like to add faceposing to the mod themselves, feel free! I'd be happy to upload a build of the mod that has that feature implemented, I just have neither the time nor skill to do it myself.

Q: Will you be doing Episode 1, Episode 2, or Alyx GTE?

A: Unfortunately, no. Back when I started HL: GTE nearly four(!) years ago, I was a young college student who had a lot more time on his hands. Now, I have totally different life circumstances with a job and bills to pay. HL2: GTE and Portal 2: GTE will likely be the last mods I ever have any significant involvement in.

Q: How did you translate this? What language(s) did you use?

A: For each line of text/dialogue, I put it through a varying amount of languages until I got something funny or interesting. Some of the languages that I commonly used are: Latin, Hawaiian, Maori, Xhosa, Kinyarwanda, Gujarati, Samoa, Odia, Urdu, and Sindhi.

Q: How did "Gordon" become "Cicero?"

A: There was a time when Latin would cause both "Gordon" and "Freeman" to often become "Cicero." However, Google Translate has been updated many times, to the point where this does not happen very often anymore.

Q: Instead of voice acting, why not do AI generated voices?

A: For one thing, in my experience, AI often messes up the words, but more importantly, websites that use AI-generated voices get overloaded very quickly, meaning that generating an entire game's worth of dialogue seems way too tedious to even consider.

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