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Mobius89 Perennemente perso nei meandri della fantascienza
Feb 6 2022 Anchor
Feb 8 2022 Anchor

Hi! I am from an indie team that is developing a sci-fi roguelike with open customatization, so players could create their own games within our game.

We will have playable demo soon. Game meta, dialogs, skill combination creator and level editor will be available from the start.

Hope to get more players to play it.

San-J ascetic aesthetic
Feb 16 2022 Anchor

Welcome everyone who has joined in.. *checks notes* the past 14 years!


Feb 21 2022 Anchor

Hey everyone,

I am joining in from Bangalore, India. I like to play retro games on PC and also love to move using Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii. Kinect Sports and Wii Sports are favorite motion games. I am also in for virtual retro gaming nights. I am happy to be here and look forward to engaging in the community and getting some interesting perspective. In the recent lockdowns, I got reminded of motion consoles like the Wii, when I couldn't go out and play. That led to the current project I am working on.

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Feb 23 2022 Anchor

Hello, everyone! I'm Jaluna. I love RPGs and simulation games as a player, and am currently trying to break into making my own RPGs and related types of games. I'm currently enjoying making my first project in RPGmaker MZ, but am also trying to learn Unity's game engine as my father, who offered to help me, was more interested in going that route. Since I'm still pretty new to things, I still feel kind of funny calling myself a game developer... But I am! I hope to get along with everyone well, and learn a lot in the process!

Feb 27 2022 Anchor

howdy hey hey, im new and a human ;)

Feb 28 2022 Anchor

zodmanfu or just our lost brother zodgenrel, what happens with you. Were are your old post, what happened. My apology to that term brother, because I`m mortal to warhammer 40000 and so, you know.

Feb 28 2022 Anchor

-Personally thinking that starting fresh is very bad, because you lose self in some way, but welcome back our lost son, hehe. We have plenty of nasty surprises for your welcomed return here, hehe.

Feb 28 2022 Anchor

There is no old ghosts, you are who you are, so return your old Avatar(picture) and continue your old work, we have no time for jokes here. You are immortal ..yea, it`s a time to grow and accept aftermath, we are legion after all.

Mar 24 2022 Anchor

Hi everyone

Im new to the site so thought I'd say hi!

I work with Indie devs on creation of game trailers and am hoping I may be able to get in touch with some cool devs on here and work on some project together.

Apr 19 2022 Anchor

This game is sweet. I used to be play total annihiliation. Now I play this with the loud upgrade.

I just got smoked by a nuke lol, i am terrible.

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Aug 24 2022 Anchor

Greetings, community!

Nice to meet you all. I'm Alex from the Flyin Dogs indie team, currently working on The Tales of Bayum. Playing games for decades, starting from classic cRPGS and quests, now trying to find some spare time for Elden Ring and upcoming God of War. Working in gamedev for almost 5 years now, primary as game designer and writer. Hope to have some great time here. See ya!

Nov 11 2022 Anchor

Hello everyone! I am totally new on this forum. I'm passionate about creating video games for a few years without having taken the time to get into it clearly. Now it's done. I look forward to seeing your future creations

ns-mars Still Learning...
Nov 17 2022 Anchor

Welcome guys


"Games are good, mods are better."

GeneralJist Titles of a "General" nature
Nov 26 2022 Anchor


Hi yall!

I'm Eric, I've been a part of this community for a decade. Usually too busy working to say much.

My background is in psychology and writing . With these two core skills I've somehow maneuvered myself into leadership for a mod, and now an indie startup thing.

Willing to share my experience with anyone who shows respect.


Our home page:

My 1st book:

Jan 26 2023 Anchor

Hi everyone.

I'm Enix, I'm new to the forum, so I'll give you a brief introduction.

I'm a newbie to programming and I'm trying to learn the basics of making a video game (I'm 24...a bit old).

I hope I can help and get help from you so that we can all grow and be a community :)

Jan 29 2023 Anchor

Hello guys

Find you cod4 server last,and like it

So want to know more about you

I am old scholl,old cod 4 start play after 3-4 years break,and still happy when see cod4 servers live

You have just one cod4 server?

Cya in game

Feb 22 2023 Anchor

Yoyo mofos itz spammer. I iz on da westside chillin' in d ghetto wid d biatches. don dare disrezpekte dis bro ere, i luv yar moddb massiv, thatz wat i iz sayin bro.

Apr 2 2023 Anchor

Newbie here because I had to join to ask questions!

Or at the moment one specific question, about Master of Orion. I don't know if there's a section specifically for that; I guess I'll have to look. Just in case anyone here knows, my question is about the "Moola" cheat available here: what if the Moola structure gets destroyed -- can it be built again?

May 3 2023 Anchor

Hi everyone, My name is Bill. I am new around here.
I joined this community because I need the help of every PC Indie Dev and I would like to help them as well.


Love it

May 21 2023 Anchor


The name's Winston, Hailing from Ontario, Canada. I've been "stalking" and well utilizing moddb for some time. I figured it was time to join up and hopefully offer some of my own contributions in the near future.


Aug 22 2023 Anchor

Hi there! I am untrustedlife and i make weird horror-adjacent games with a shared multiverse. I have recnetly created an indie db for my current game DR4X which is...suffice to say a very odd 4x game lol.

Trying to see if i can get a community up and running. So far I am very happy with how much seretonin I get when i post a new update here :P

Aug 25 2023 Anchor


Nov 7 2023 Anchor

Hi Everyone! I'm Pat. Normally I'm a game production manager in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm interested in writing and game design. So I am trying to study by myself.
Now my friends and I are developing the indie party game, Holiday Party.
It is our first game. Please Wishlist on Steam or give us some suggestions in case you don't like it, lol. Thank you, everyone.

8hours ago Anchor

I'm a ugly, fat slob, I like Xbox games, I have no social life, I'm 15, and I am a big fan of RTS games like C&C:Generals, like RPG games like Fable, and also like shooting games like the GTA series. I am a perfectionist of sorts, just not in every aspect, as evident on my semester report cards.

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