Welcome to Kaiserpunk, the ultimate city builder and grand strategy game set in an alternative 20th century world. With a focus on production management and logistics, this game challenges you to build and manage your city-state while expanding your influence across a dynamic and ever-changing global map.


Shape your own city-state from the ground up, where every street, factory and skyline tells the story of your strategic decisions.

  • Unlock new buildings and building upgrades
  • Build on the ground and on water
  • New tech is unlocked depending on how you build your city
  • Set in an alternative 20th century world, advance your own technology from simple zeppelins to mighty bombers


Forge alliances, negotiate trade deals and embark on conquest of a global scale.

  • Over 100 regions to be conquered and exploited
  • Each region comes with its own bonuses and penalties, so choose your strategies carefully.
  • AI empires ready to test your strategic mind
  • Assemble your armies and take on rival factions in battles on land, sea, and air


Dive into the intricate web of resource management and industrial production. Fine-tune your economy with complex chains, harnessing resources to fuel the growth of your city and empire.

  • Production chains spanning the length of the game, from the simplest to the most complex resources
  • 100 various resources to mine, farm, refine and manufacture
  • Keep the production going and your workers happy
  • Use your economic power to subdue your rivals and emerge as the ultimate victor
  • Spin up your mighty war machine and start chugging weapons and military vehicles


Master the art of efficiency and optimization in handling logistics. Streamline supply lines and ensure that every corner of your empire functions seamlessly.

  • Create an efficient transportation network in your city as well as across the globe
  • Even experienced armies lacking supplies will get you nowhere
  • Trade with passing merchants and smugglers or sign large-volume trade deals with other factions
  • Keeping production up and running smoothly is only possible with happy and qualified workers. Make sure your city-state is desirable enough


Every choice you make impacts the narrative, economy, and the fate of your citizens. Embrace the consequences of your actions in this dynamic, choice-driven environment

  • Kaiserpunk responds to everything you do, and when you do it
  • Your decisions carry weight across time. Every building you construct, every region you conquer and every action you take weave dynamic stories spanning the entire playthrough
  • If you're not careful, you might end up stripped of your power

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Kaiserpunk revealed!


Hey master strategists! Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime – Kaiserpunk has just been unveiled! To go along with it, IGN has published a nice article with the first teaser for the game! So what is Kaiserpunk you ask?

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Craft Your City, Your Way

Witness the birth of your city-state and let every street and skyline reflect your strategic brilliance.

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Global Conquest Awaits

Embark on a global adventure. Form alliances, make those trade deals, and plan for conquest on a scale you've never experienced.

Economic Mastery

Dive into the world of production chains and resource management. Fine-tune your economy and watch your city thrive.

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Logistics Made Easy

Efficiency is the name of the game. Master logistics, streamline supply lines, and ensure your empire runs like clockwork.

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Choices Shape Your Destiny

In Kaiserpunk, every decision counts. Feel the consequences in this dynamic, choice-driven gaming experience. Eager for the journey? Wishlist Kaiserpunk on Steam and be the first to dive into the excitement! Reshape the 20th century!

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