A unique Minecraft mod collection and enhancement patch designed as the Adventure Update / Official Release reimagined.

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Test Release 'Chocolate'


It's been awhile! I've been busy with life stuff, of course, and yet I managed to find the time and drive to work on my favorite game ever - Mine (no... not craft) Libera !

2023 11 13 19 23 59

The project has went through interesting transformations between the previous article and this one but not to bore you with the boring stuff (if you're feeling bored check out our Discord for more detail) I have got enough done to justify a 'Test' release for you guys. That is, an early, incomplete version of the game for people eager to test out the game and help out with ironing out its features.

Speaking of features, the main ones implemented here are an assortment of quality of life improvements and smart ideas mainly focused on the early game, but don't expect things to be super polished yet, as all aspects of the game are still WIP. I suggest starting a survival world, playing around with the new game flow, experimenting and testing out the new mechanics, and enjoying the fresh experience. Just be sure not spoil yourself too much by going on creative and testing out everything there. I HIGHLY recommend sticking to survival only while you're still new to Minelibera.

2023 11 13 13 53 29

So, ready to play?
The download link with installation instructions and all the other information you might need are on our Discord, so, come and join us! See you there. ; )

Better Than Minecraft -- What's the big deal?

Better Than Minecraft -- What's the big deal?


Hello there curious wanderer, You might've stumbled upon this moddb page wondering... ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ What the actual *** is this?

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