A Gameplay mod that removes much of the grind, that does not increase the game's instability, so you can concentrate on the more creative aspects of the game.

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Recommended Mods to use alongside or instead of the QOL Spore Creators Edition Mod.

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Get your QOL Spore Creators Edition Mod.

Compatible Mods:

Alternative Mods:

  • Dark Injection - Davoonline.com - This adds tons of new stuff, however, it comes at the cost of introducing additional game instability.

SporeWiki details the most common Spore mods, most of which are broken and are no longer supported. This is a good place to start for those new to Spore Modding and looking to learn.

The DavoOnline Spore forum is also a great place to find and experiment with Mods. There's also a section for archived Mods, that is worth exploring since many of them offer interesting features.

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Issues with Third Party Mods:

  • Compatibility is a huge issue between different Mods. If you know what you are doing, you can merge Mods yourself to resolve any issues or just extract the functionality you like.
  • Mods adding custom parts and skins will cause issues with creations making use of such, when running versions of Spore that are not using such Mods.
  • Typically Mods adding lots of additional parts and skins or making other major changes, increase game instability. Not just the editors, during gameplay also. It's best not to get too attached to your creations and saved games when experimenting with such Mods.
  • The QOL Spore Creators Edition Mod has only 1 single custom part added, the "Smoother".
  • It is advised to start a new Galaxy game when adding and/or removing Mods to reduce the risk of saved game corruption or other instabilities. i.e. Backup and delete the game files under "%APPDATA%\Spore" and creation files under "%HOMEPATH%\Documents\My Spore Creations".

DarkEdgeTV has a YouTube channel showcasing Spore Gameplay and she links the Mods she uses here.

Max Games Supreme King also has a YouTube channel showcasing Spore Mods old and new.

You can reach me on Discord.

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