Small Business NSW Commissioner


If you are involved in a dispute that relates to a small business, the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner can help.

We provide expert strategic and procedural advice, and can work with parties to look at the options. We also provide a mediation service to give you the best chance of finding a commercial resolution.

We can assist at any time before or after filing in court, but talking to us first is usually the easiest way to go. Approximately 90 per cent of disputes that come to us resolve before a court needs to make a determination.

Wherever you are in NSW, and whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, we are available to help with the problem.

We assist with commercial disputes involving:

  • Business to business
  • Business to Government (local and State Government)
  • Retail or commercial leases (including offices and industrial leases)
  • Non- payment and debt
  • Supplier to purchaser
  • Contractors and subcontractors (including building and construction matters)
  • Service providers, including web and computing services and more ...

The benefits of trying mediation over going to court include that mediation is:

  • Quicker
  • Less stressful
  • Confidential, so reputations are protected
  • Cost effective
  • Able to find an outcome you can live with
  • Able to include your own terms
  • Beneficial for ongoing commercial relationships

You can speak to one of our case managers at no cost on 1300 795 534, or email any enquiry you have to:


1300 795 534