Reign of Guilds is a classic MMORPG. Dark magical middle ages: open world, castle sieges, economy and diplomacy, merchant and craft associations, church and mercenaries, counts and of course the King.

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After 6 years of game development, various events that shattered the team and revived it again, the year 2024 is just around the corner.

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This is a very important and fateful year for our team because now we are ready to announce the early access release! Join our social networks, we will be glad for your support!

And while we're working on creating content and exciting news for you, take a look at this flipper
This elusive armorer is actually the renowned maestro of steel. Tales of his prowess have circulated for ages, claiming that he wields a wizard's mastery with a hammer. His armor and weapons were unparalleled, consistently leading to victory for those who donned them in battles. Legends speak of his extraordinary knowledge and skills, which were deemed remarkable even in his era.

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We are about to launch a public test. I would be delighted if you could join and participate, and consider adding my game to your wishlist. Here is the link to the game on Steam


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