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First Media of World Beyond Discussing: Maps Items and Weapons etc

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Hello Scientists! im back with an media update for Half-Life: World Beyond, Sorry for no updates a couple weeks, i was a bit busy and forgot about this mod T_T lets get started!

1. Maps

i am proud to say that Chapter 1 has finished! its just fixing a few things then it will be ready, Chapter 2 is next onto the list.

here are some images from Chapter 1, you can go look at them at the images tab.

Chapter 1 Preview

Chapter 1 Preview2

Chapter 1 Preview3

Chapter 1 Preview4

There are a few things that need to be fixed, but overall, it looks really good and im happy with it.

Now: Weapons

For the Silenced Glock, i will make it optional to have that.

Here is the modeled Glock:

World Beyond | Silenced Glock - Mod DB

I Recolored the crowbar to red to dark grey

crowbar texture

And... Thats pretty much it! as im saying this im starting the make Chapter 2. See you guys next time


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